Take your seat for an immersive 3D virtual lab tour, with interactive workflow demonstrations, to discover the new Thermo Scientific MAM (MULTI ATTRIBUTE METHOD) 2.0 solution. The lab tour is self-guided with audio voiceovers in each room and contains video demonstrations of the full workflow from development to QC. There is also a learning center where you can discover MAM and MAM 2.0 along with access to the latest application notes, case studies and more. 

MAM is a peptide-mapping-based method which takes advantage of high-resolution accurate mass (HRAM) spectrometric data to aid the identification of product quality attributes (PQA) and subsequent quantitation and monitoring of critical quality attributes (CQAs). This drives a more comprehensive understanding of the biomolecule throughout develaopment ensuring better process control for manufacturing, aligning with Quality by Design (QbD) approach favored by industry.

Major biopharmaceutical companies are making significant investments to establish MAM workflows to future-proof the development and manufacturing of their biotherapeutics. As a leading biotherapeutic solution provider and a trusted partner, Thermo Scientific has been working closely with industry leaders to develop a seamless, fit-for-purpose MAM solution.

Thermo Scientific MAM 2.0 enables

  • Fast decision making based on high confidence information of multiple PQAs from development through QC, delivered by industry proven Thermo Scientific Orbitrap technology and Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS software for compliant data acquisition and processing.
  • Seamless knowledge sharing and method transfer across instruments, functions, departments, and sites throughout the whole organization to accelerate development, enabled by a compliance-ready software ecosystem.
  • Maximum productivity through a dedicated global support team of Thermo Scientific MAM experts, providing application specific training and service. 

Who should attend:

  • Analysts, team leaders, data integrity specialists, QA auditors & lab managers in biopharmaceutical analytical testing environments
  • Scientists and chemists at analytical science testing laboratories, CDMOs, or biopharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Analysts and companies engaged in MAM.



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