In many industrial workplaces, to protect workers against multiple hazards, there is often a requirement to wear more than one type of personal protective equipment (PPE). Each piece of PPE will be CE/UKCA marked and fully approved according to the relevant standards.

But…when combined, does the PPE fully deliver its expected protection level? Is the user aware that the certified protective performance of one item of PPE could be compromised by another?

It is also common practice for workers to modify their PPE for customisation purposes, to make it more comfortable, or just to make it fit. 

But…are they aware that such practices can compromise the expected protection performance of their PPE?

So, how can we improve workers’ safety in industrial workplaces?

In this webinar, Jim Cliff, Industrial PPE Expert from MSA Safety, will cover:

    • Risks of combining non-compatible PPE and benefits of using compatible PPE
    • What does the legislation say?
    • Practical examples of where PPE may lose its certified protection performance
    • Best practices to avoid compromising PPE’s certified protection performance
    • Q&A

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Jim Cliff
MSA Safety Field Sales Manager, Industrial PPE
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