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“Approximately 15-20% of the workforce are lone workers. And of those, 44% felt unsafe while at work and almost 20% struggled to get help after an incident. (EHS Today)”


Ensuring the safety of your most at-risk workers is imperative. Lone workers face the risks of slips, trips, falls, health events, extreme weather, vehicular accidents, and a number of other potentially harmful events, not least the threat of violence. There are also concerns related to stress and mental health, medical suitability to work alone.


Blackline Safety’s connected gas safety and emergency monitoring specialist, Miriam O'Connell is joined by Securitas’s Alex Luke, a highly experienced security professional and Lone Worker expert on this live webinar which explores the stress and well-being implications of working in isolation. Our experts will guide you through how a robust lone worker policy, combined with innovative safety technology, can mitigate potential risks faced every day by those working alone and, in turn, reduce stress and feelings of isolation to improve employee wellbeing.


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Kelly Rose

Kelly Rose


Health & Safety Matters

Miriam O’Connell

Miriam O’Connell

Monitoring Services Manager – UK and Europe

Blackline Safety Europe

Connected gas safety and emergency monitoring specialist, Miriam O'Connell, manages Blackline Safety’s portfolio of 24/7 emergency monitoring solutions across Europe. In her time at Blackline, Miriam has revolutionised the monitoring offering available to European customers and prides herself on the efficiency, professionalism, and constant development of our portfolio. With a background in Neuroscience and data analytics, Miriam is a huge proponent of Blackline Analytics and regularly hosts webinars and talks around our trend analysis solutions and the future of data-informed prediction. 

Alex Luke

Alex Luke

Remote Services Specialist

Securitas Security Services (UK) Ltd

Alex is a highly experienced security professional with a robust background in Track and Trace products and services, specifically focusing on Lone Worker solutions. With 12 years of experience with Thames Valley Police and whilst working at Securitas, Alex has played a pivotal role in implementing and managing Track and Trace solutions, particularly in the realm of Lone Worker safety. Alex is a trusted expert in the field, ensuring the well-being and safety of Lone Workers across diverse range of industries.


Alex has an in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements such as British Standard 8484 and BS EN 50518 for Alarm Receiving Centre compliance standards. Furthermore, Alex provides invaluable support and guidance to clients and teams both internal and external. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by Lone Workers and has designed and implemented fit-for-purpose technology solutions to help put control measures in place to mitigate risks and ensure safety, working in partnership with suppliers such as Blackline Safety.



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