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2018-09-19 09:30:00
2018-09-19 11:00:00

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Ian Hatherly,Operations Director at Southalls
Andy Hall, Team Leader at Southalls 
Mark Sennett, Managing Editor at HSM magaazine (Host)

When it comes to ‘selling’ safety and gaining ‘buy-in’, it is often the shop floor workers who may be resistant. The seasoned workers who don’t like change, the newbies who think they know best, the pessimist who thinks safety is nothing more than a box-ticking exercise and the risk-takers who don’t see the dangers.

However, an altogether different situation can arise. One where your boss has delegated health and safety duties to you, and you are trying to implement an effective safety management system but without any real support at director level. A ‘sloping shoulders’ style of management in which Health and Safety is delegated, and therefore no longer considered a responsibility for top-level management. Simply a delegation of duty without the necessary budget or commitment. 

 During this webinar we will cover:

1. Practical examples of where we have seen this - consultant and enforcement officer view.

2. How the law applies.

3. How training fits in.

4. Leadership in terms of health and safety management. Promoting a positive safety culture.

5. Reacting to business change.

6. Impact of sentencing guidelines. Fines before and after the changes. Money talks!

7. Potential impact of new manslaughter guidelines. 

8. How do I change inflexibility?

9. Concluding - How is my employer doing? Simple things to check.

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