Hazardous Materials: Spills & Soil Contamination 

Statistics from the Department of Transportation reveal that 21,539 Hazardous Material incidences occurred within 2021 in the United States alone. These incidences can have a detrimental effect on the environment and public health. To protect both the environment and public health, it is firstly important to identify what hazardous materials are and understand how they are categorised. What processes are currently in place, and how these can be improved to prevent hazardous materials from endangering people, entering waterways, and contaminating soil. 

Health and safety professionals are the key to understanding, maintaining, and reducing the risks caused by hazardous material incidences. Join Jasmine Parkinson, Internal sales Support at ION Science on Wednesday 20th April at 10:30 GMT to hear more about best practices to reduce risks to the public, HAZMAT workers and the environment. 

This webinar will focus on the dangers of hazardous material spillages and the associated consequences on public health and the environment. Including:

  • How HAZMAT spills can occur
  • Current HAZMAT processes
  • The health effects spills can cause
  • The environmental impact of spills
  • How PID technology can identify and track spills and contamination

This session will finish with a live Q+A session. 

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Health & Safety Matters

Jasmine Parkinson
Internal Sales Support

ION Science









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