Whether you are responsible for safety, facilities, or operations, join the webinar to learn about fall protection solutions in various applications, including, but not limited to, general industry, telecom, electricity, wind energy and infrastructure, where installation of anchor devices is not always easy to carry out.

 This webinar will provide you with an essential briefing on how to address:

Suitability of fall protection systems for specific structures
Low ground clearance applications, i.e. machines and transformers
Vertical access applications with a focus on different ladder types
Fall Protection solutions in harsh environments, including the offshore and chemical industry
And more!

We will be joined by some key industry speakers who will give their insights and share their own experiences:

• Alan Murray, CEO, BSIF
Pavel Rolenc, Fall Protection Systems and Solutions Segment Manager, Utility, International at MSA Safety

All attendees will earn CPD points. You can register to attend for free by filling in the form on this page, which will either appear on the right hand side of this page or beneath the presenters box.

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Kelly Rose Alan Murray

Pavel Rolenc


Editor  CEO Fall Protection Systems and Solutions Segment Manager, Utility, International   

Health and Safety Matters


MSA Safety



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