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Wednesday April 7, 2021

08:30  PDT | 16:30 BST

2 hours 30 minutes

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The Forum provides a unique opportunity to discuss advances in the next-generation of eco-sustainable CO2 Separation (SFC) and Extraction (SFE) technologies. PIC Solution brings together SFC thought leaders to demonstrate the critical roles of SFC and SFE in the isolation of chiral/achiral Small Molecules, Peptides and Natural Products including Cannabis/Hemp. Technology enhancements to optimize instruments performance, increase throughput, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact will be also covered.


8.30 am Mengling Wong, Genentech Inc.

Separation of chiral compounds via SFC to support Genentech’s Drug Discovery Programs


9.00 am Antoni Severino, Ph.D., UCB Pharma

SFC support to Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Process Development from mg to kg


9.30 am Eric Kawka, Cattis LLC

Implementation of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography for the Concentration and Isolation of Cannabinoids from Hemp Extracts


10.00 am Bill Farrell, Pfizer Inc.

Leveraging Supercritical Fluid Chromatography for Some Unusual Application


10.30 am Gerard Rosse, Ph.D., PIC Solution, Inc.

PIC Solution Latest SFC, SFC-MS and SFE Innovations



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Antoni Severino, Ph.D.

Head of Preparative Chromatography
UCB Pharma

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Antoni completed a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Mons in Belgium in 2012. This thesis entitled “Experimental Study, Dynamic Modeling and Optimization of the Operating Conditions of Chromatographic Separation Processes by Simulated Moving Bed (SMB)” was funded by the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research – FNRS. “Head of Preparative Chromatography” at UCB Pharma (Belgium) for almost 7 years, he is in charge of the Purification and Chiral separation Platform within Global Chemistry Research Department. His group supports Research in Belgium and UK but also the Development and the Manufacturing for MCC (Multicolumn Continuous Chromatography) processes. From mg to kg, the group deals daily with HPLC and SFC equipment for crude purifications, impurity isolations and chiral analyzes and separations.

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Mengling Wong

Senior Scientific Manager
Genentech Inc.

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Mengling Wong is a Senior Scientific Manager at Genentech, Inc. in South San Francisco, CA. She leads a dynamic group supporting early research in Discovery Chemistry. She has over 19 years of experience in HPLC and SFC separations from small molecules to peptides. She received her Biochemistry degree from University of California, Davis. Besides supporting the drug programs at Genentech, she is also a member of the advisory board for the Green Chemistry Group and a Board of Directors on Enabling Technology Consortium. She has co- authored numerous papers on SFC and method development. Furthermore, she has presented at multiple conference venues with focus on improving preparative workflow and separations.

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Eric Kawka

Founder and CEO
Cattis LLC

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Eric Kawka is driven to establish scalable extraction and purification methods for a new class of Cannabis derived products that meet pharmaceutical standards. Merging his background in analytical and organic chemistry with years of laboratory experience, he excels at developing production process-trains that maximize efficiency while maintaining product safety and reliability. Eric has significant experience with extraction and purification systems development, start-up ventures, and business management. Eric is an advisor for Cannabis start-ups in Vermont, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Washington.

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Bill Farrell

Associate Research Fellow
Pfizer Inc.

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William Farrell is Associate Research Fellow at Pfizer Global R&D - La Jolla. Mr. Farrell received his BS degree from SUNY Stony Brook and has over 30 years chromatographic experience, specializing in supercritical fluid (SFC) and high pressure liquid (HPLC) chromatographic techniques. He has spent the last 20 years working on the implementation of SFC and HPLC for the analysis & purification of medicinal and combinatorial derived compounds. He has been a major driving force behind the development of automated Preparative SFC systems and has pioneered the use of SFC for high throughput applications for which he received the first annual Averica Award for his contributions to Preparative SFC and the ACS Technical Achievement in Organic Chemistry (TAOC) award. Current research areas include expanding SFC applications into biological systems and the development of novel, SFC specific stationary phases.

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Gerard Rosse, Ph.D.

Vice President North America
PIC Solution Inc.

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Dr. Rosse is Vice President, North America, at PIC Solution Inc. He received his BS and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Basel, Switzerland, and did postdoctoral studies at Stanford University, California. Dr. Rosse has extensive experience in analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry and drug discovery working with F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Sanofi, Cephalon and Dart NeuroScience. Most recently, he pioneered the implementation of SFC-MS at research and industrial scale to support small molecules automated synthesis reaching 90,000 compounds per year and reducing significantly production costs. Dr. Rosse is the author of many publications, patents and presentations, and recently edited a book on modern SFC applications.


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