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Digital Media Cloud production and playout Today and Tomorrow.

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Join this Masterclass of top practitioners to explore all aspects of Cloud Provision for broadcasters.

If the Cloud in digital media playout and production wasn’t front and centre before Covid, it certainly is now.

WFH is the new normal and that includes for what, until now, have been in-house and capex-intensive links in the digital media delivery chain. Everything from ingest, through edit, through metadata, scheduling, ad insertion, content security and playout is in the Cloud and easily and collaboratively available. What now and what next?

  • Is remote working via the Cloud the new normal for TV post-production and play out?
  • What are the latest developments enabling everything ‘off prem’?
  • What are the key challenges that remain? What can go wrong?
  • What are the particular challenges of live TV and possible audience surge?
  • Are the barriers to entry as low as they seem? For new entrants? For infrastructure-heavy incumbents?
  • What are the business models available for broadcasters: SaaS, audience related, revenue shares?
  • Who should look to end-to-end provision, and who should build best of breed and negotiate their own cloud capacity?

Hear what the experts have to say on these topics and more. Gathered and recorded in the cloud, you can access their experience and expertise with this FREE VIDEO DOWNLOAD.

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Ateme Encompass Imagine Qibb Signiant Synamedia

Participants: Jean-Louis Lods, Origination and Publishing Evangelist, ATEME, Scott Rose, SVP Product Encompass Digital Media, Gareth Wills, Senior Product Manager, Imagine Communications, Andy Newton, Senior Solutions Architect at Qvest Media and qibb Product Expert, Rick Clarkson, Chief Product Officer, Signiant, Elke Hungenaert, VP of Product Management, Synamedia.



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