Welding is an inherently dangerous task which can leave people with life changing injuries and long-term health conditions. Most people are aware of the more obvious hazards such as excessive amounts of heat and damaging UV light. However, respiratory hazards are too frequently forgotten because they’re often invisible and their effects take longer to become apparent. 

 In this webinar, we’ll explore the hazards from welding, the importance of comfort and ease of use, and how innovation is meeting user demands to address some of the common issues surrounding hazards for welders:

  • Basic welding hazards and who are exposed
  • Health effects of weld fume
  • Users of welding PPE and their needs
  • Controlling the hazard with the latest generation of welding PPE
  • Align yourself to the new UK Weld Fume Guidance

Presenter: Scott Atess Blakelock, Application Engineer

Presenter Bio: 

Scott is a 3M UK and Ireland Application Engineer for Welding, Head, Eye, Face and Coveralls and has worked at 3M for nearly 13 years. Scott’s previous experience is in engineering where he completed a 3M maintenance apprenticeship and continued to study achieving a Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree and a NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.
In his current role, Scott will support customer visits for product selection or training that focuses on workplace hazards, health, product features, care and maintenance of their PPE. 


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Mark Sennett

Scott Atess Blakelock


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