Ultrasound in the IIoT: Monitoring & Lubricating Bearings Remotely

Remote condition monitoring of bearings and precision lubrication executed anywhere, anytime, and from any device, is already a reality. Pairing the Internet of Things with Ultrasonic sensors has brought the development of innovative maintenance solutions that will take condition monitoring of assets to a whole new level, allowing maintenance teams to stop most bearing failures at its tracks.

About the speaker:

Christopher is an Electrical Engineer and Trainer by trade, from Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Chris has spent the last 5 years at UE Systems supporting industry in implementing Predictive Maintenance Programs and Energy Savings Schemes, utilising Ultrasound Technology.

Chris has been using his background knowledge in Engineering to find simple solutions to complex problems, and training users to become competent Ultrasound Inspectors.

With his large experience, skills and knowledge of maintenance activities in industrial facilities, Chris has already become the reference in UK & Ireland when it comes to ultrasound technology applied to predictive maintenance and energy savings.


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Charlotte Stonestreet

Managing Editor


Chris Hallum

Regional Manager

UE Systems Inc




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