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2019-09-12 09:30:00
2019-09-12 11:00:00

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Julian Taylor, Head of Solutions Architects at SHE Software

Mark Sennett, Content Director at HSM magazine (Host)

How can you make the right decision if your data is not accurate? 

In today’s data-driven world, collecting health and safety data from across your organisation is nothing new. However how accurate is the data that you collect?

Under-reporting and incomplete data are common issues still, not helped by out-of-date systems and lack of employee engagement.

If staff do not understand why they should report events or the value and impact their reporting has, the information captured will suffer.

As a result, many health and safety professionals often find it challenging to ensure the foundations of their health and safety plans are based on fact and that future initiatives are based on informed decisions.

Technology provides a platform to apply simple change management principles to overcome this. The right technology supports increased employee engagement and provides a true understanding of the value in gathering health and safety metrics, thus improving data quality.

SHE Software will discuss:

  • How accurate is your data?
  • Getting to the ‘why’ questions
  • Embedding a positive reporting culture: how?

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