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Wednesday 22th July 2020 

10.00am BST

1 hour 30 minutes

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Rising land values and the demand to increase density are leading architects and developers to explore the potential of sites that might once have been thought unviable. As a result designers must contend with challenges ranging from the concerns of existing communities or the constraints imposed by planning policy to the impact of noise or pollution from nearby infrastructure, or simple lack of access. 


Join Architecture Today, Schueco and three distinguished presenters to discuss the challenge of unlocking potential on difficult sites. 

Chloe Phelps, head of design at Croydon Council's property development company Brick by Brick, and its design studio Common Ground Architecture

- developing small and infill sites in South London

Luke Tozer, co-founding director of Pitman Tozer Architects

- contending with a harsh environment at The Reach in Thamesmead

 Frederic Paulus Akuffo, managing director, Autor Architecture
- unlocking additional Gross Development Value through ingenuity and negotiation


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Luke Tozer

Founder & Director, Pitman Tozer Architects

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Luke founded Pitman Tozer Architects with Tim Pitman, in 2002 and is actively involved in the design and delivery of all projects across the studio. He is also the New Business and Marketing Director, leading the senior team in pursuing and securing new work. Luke’s experience extends beyond the design of his own Manser Medal winning home to landmark housing and mixed-use schemes across London. He champions collaboration with like-minded clients, experts and innovators to discover insights and new ways of working – ways that help to make the city a better place to live, work and play.

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Frederic Akuffo

Director & CEO, Autor Architects

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With studios in Berlin and London, Frederic Akuffo heads the internationally award-winning architecture practise Autor, specializing in high-density residential and mixed-use developments on challenging sites. Having worked with over 20 councils since 2008, Autor received over 20 design awards and award short lists for unlocking complex sites with innovative sustainable architecture. Frederic studied architecture at the University of Technology Darmstadt / Frankfurt in 1999, specialising in prefabrication and passive house technology and attaining additional bachelor's degrees in engineering and urban design. With two scholarship awards and workshops in LA and Tokyo he attained a Masters in Architectural Design at the UCL - Bartlett School of Architecture, London under the lead of Sir Peter Cook, of the 1960s’ architectural avant-garde group ‘Archigram’. Having spent 12 years combining his background in German engineering with the dynamics of high-density metropolitan planning he talks about how the Autor Story Approach is rooted in a strong sense of place and identity, dynamically making the best use of a site at 14% above the average site density.

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Chloe Phelps

Head of Design & Commercial, Deputy CEO, Brick By Brick & Common Ground Architecture

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Chloe heads up the Common Ground Architecture and Commercial teams within Brick By Brick, a development company set up by Croydon Council in 2016. She oversees the inhouse design work as well as ensuring design quality is realised on all projects from project initiation through to delivery and hand-over on site. Chloe was instrumental in the realisation of the initial Croydon Smaller Sites Programme; an ambitious strategic approach to deliver over 1000 new homes across fifty small sites across the Borough.



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